How Taking Care of Your Health Can Reduce the Risk of Car Accidents

Driving a car requires mental sharpness and physical agility. Motorists need to be able to turn around to check their blind spots and they need to be able to make good decisions. Their brains must be able to manage multiple tasks at once.


Given the complexity of being on the road, it’s no surprise that some car collisions are caused by pre-existing medical conditions.

What Medical Conditions Can Lead to Car Accidents?

Almost any medical condition that affects your mental state or your mobility can impact your ability to drive safely. Here are some common illnesses that can cause car crashes.

  • Sleep disorders. Insomnia, sleep apnea, and other conditions can leave drivers without adequate rest. The slower response times and poor judgement that comes with poor sleep is comparable to impaired driving.
  • Eyesight issues. A driver’s license will indicate if a driver needs to wear corrective lenses. In some cases, however, motorists may fail to notice their vision is worsening. Or, they may fail to visit their eye doctor to get their prescription updated. Either way, not being able to see the road or road signs clearly can lead to crashes.
  • Cognitive issues. As people age, they can develop dementia and other disorders that affect memory, logical thinking, and decision-making. Until a patient is properly diagnosed and evaluated, however, those around them may not realize they may be a risk on the road.
  • Diabetes. Diabetes can cause drivers to fall asleep behind the wheel if their levels fall too low. The condition can also cause vision problems that lead to crashes.
  • Heart disease. Heart disease can lead to heart attacks that can cause chain reaction car accidents on freeways and city roads.
  • Seizure disorders. Seizures can last seconds or minutes. They render a patient unable to drive and can easily lead to a car crash, even if the seizure lasts only a second.
  • Common colds and flu. Even something as simple as the cold or flu can cause a driver to feel groggy and unfocused, which can cause mistakes that lead to crashes. Many over-the-counter medications for colds and flu can lead to sleepiness that can be dangerous on the road.

Who Is Liable?

It is expected that drivers take care to stay safe on the road. This can mean managing chronic conditions and ensuring they are not at undue risk. After a car accident caused by a medical situation, attorneys will often investigate whether the medical situation was a sudden emergency or whether the driver should have known about their condition and taken steps to prevent the crash.

In some cases, attorneys may examine whether a driver’s doctor adequately warned them about the risks of their medical condition. These cases can be complex, which is why working with an experienced car accident attorney is important. An experienced attorney knows how to investigate and prove your case.

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