Intersection Accidents

In Homestead and other communities, intersection accidents cause severe injuries each year. Unfortunately, intersections are a higher-risk area because cars are approaching from different directions and making turns. In addition, many road users, including pedestrians, converge in this area and in some cases visibility can be obscured by buildings, making collisions a real problem.


To stay safe and prevent intersections, there are several things motorists can do:

  • Never change lanes when approaching an intersection. You may end up in a sideswipe crash. You may not have enough time to complete the lane change safely, especially if the light changes.
  • Never assume right of way. Even if you have a green light and have the right of way, check to make sure there aren’t any drivers or pedestrians crossing or turning on a red. Unfortunately, some pedestrians do try to cross when their light is red and some bicyclists do not obey traffic signals. Drivers, too, will sometimes run red lights. Make sure the way is clear before proceeding to avoid a pedestrian or T-bone crash.
  • Put away distractions. At an intersection, you need to stay alert so you can notice any oncoming vehicles. Cell phones and anything that takes your focus from the road, even for a fraction of a second, can be enough to cause a serious crash.
  • When turning on a red light, only proceed when the car in front of you clears. If the car has to come to a sudden stop, you may end up stuck in the intersection or you may get into a collision.
  • Approach intersections with no lights carefully. When the lights are not functioning, treat the intersection like a four-way stop. At the same time, keep alert for unusual driving from other drivers or for other road users darting into the intersection. Not everyone understands how a four-way stop works.
  • Look for pedestrians, children, and others who share the intersection. These road users may behave in ways you do not expect. Young children, for example, may dart unexpectedly into the street or may get confused by traffic signals. In addition, pedestrians, bicycles, and other road users may not be expected or may take up less space than cars, making them harder to spot. Drive defensively and check your way carefully before you proceed or turn.
  • Expect the unexpected. Other road users may wander into an intersection, may speed, or may suddenly switch lanes in the middle of an intersection. Always stay alert.

Recovering from Intersection Accidents

Being in an intersection accident can lead to serious injuries. In Homestead, these types of collisions can lead to T-bone crashes, sideswipe accidents, shunts, front-end collisions, and more. Intersection crashes can cause amputations, fractures, whiplash, abrasions, facial injuries, head trauma, spinal cord and back injuries, and more. Some cars actually speed up when approaching an intersection because they hope to make it through a yellow light and this extra speed can lead to serious crashes.

If you have been in an intersection accident, start by getting emergency help for yourself or anyone at the scene who needs it. Remove your car to the side of the road or put on your hazard lights to prevent secondary collisions. Be sure to exchange contact and insurance information with the other driver and get the contact information of any potential witnesses. Take photos of the scene.

You will need to report the incident to your insurance company, but you may also want to contact a Homestead car accident attorney to review your rights and to make sure you are protected. You can arrange a free accident consultation by contacting Flaxman Law Group at 1-866-352-9626 (1-866-FLAXMAN).


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