Rideshare Injury Claims in Coral Gables

Rideshare services are part of the gig economy, allowing virtually any driver to use their car to give paying passengers a lift to the airport, grocery store, or home. Rideshare services allow people to make extra money on the side and also allow passengers to get fast drives that sometimes cost less than a taxi.

Common Rideshare Injuries

While rideshare has many benefits, each year people are injured or killed in rideshare accidents. In fact, about 1000 collisions a day are linked to rideshare, according to some research.


Researchers point to the many rideshare cars on the road as well as the fact that drivers don’t require any extra training, the way many commercial drivers do. In addition, rideshare drivers often drive to areas unfamiliar to them, which can result in traffic collisions.

Rideshare injuries in Coral Gables and across the country can involve:

  • Distracted or fatigued drivers: Rideshare drivers may be working long hours to try to make money or may be distracted by apps to help them find their next destination or book more fares. This can result in traffic collisions.
  • Other drivers: Rideshare drivers are not always at fault. Sometimes, other drivers on the road are negligent and this leads to crashes.
  • Drunk drivers: Both rideshare drivers and other drivers on the road can be under the influence of alcohol or drugs and this can lead to collisions.
  • Mechanical failure: Rideshare drivers use their own passenger cars for their work, but picking up passengers for hours every day can put a lot of extra wear and tear on the vehicle. If a vehicle is not maintained properly or if there is a design flaw, the car can malfunction and cause a crash.
  • Human error: Both rideshare drivers and other motorists on the road can be negligent, putting everyone at risk.
  • Speeding: Rideshare passengers may need to get to an airport or other destination on time, and this can encourage speeding.
  • Workplace injuries: Rideshare drivers may face repetitive strain injuries or car accident injuries as a result of their driving work.
  • Assault: A number of women have filed claims against rideshare companies, alleging they have been assaulted or sexually assaulted by drivers.

Coral Gables Rideshare Claims

Coral Gables rideshare claims can come from passengers, drivers, and other drivers on the road. If you are a rideshare passenger and have been injured, you may qualify for compensation from the policy rideshare companies require their drivers to carry or from the insurance rideshare companies offer. However, getting fair compensation can be challenging, especially in the case of something like assault, which is not covered by many car accident insurance policies. Many passengers turn to Coral Gables car accident attorneys to pursue a claim.

If you are a rideshare driver and are injured on the job, you will find that rideshare companies label their drivers as independent contractors, meaning you do not qualify for workers’ compensation and other benefits. A number of drivers have launched class-action lawsuits against rideshare companies over this.

If you are a motorist who has been in a crash involving a rideshare driver, you may be unsure about which insurance policy covers any property damage or injuries you may have suffered. Since rideshare companies work with large and powerful insurers who are financially incentivized to settle claims cheaply, you may be offered less than you need to pay for your injuries.

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