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Why Summertime in Hollywood and Florida Can Mean a Greater Risk of Car Crashes – And What You Can Do About It

There are many reasons why summertime can mean a greater risk of motor vehicle accidents in Hollywood and Florida:

  • More traffic due to summer trips, tourists, and teens being out of school
  • Summer construction and road work projects can wreak havoc on the roads
  • Summertime can mean barbeques and other events where alcohol is served, meaning a possibly increased risk of drunk driving
  • The bright sun can contribute to glare (and limited visibility accidents) as well as hot temperatures that can be distracting for drivers

Luckily, there are a few things that motorists can do right now to stay safer:

1) Commit to safer driving.

Could staying safer on the roads be as simple as deciding to be safer? Many safety experts think so. The simple choices that drivers make – such as the choice to turn off their cell phones before driving or the choice to drive defensively – can go a long way towards preventing rear end collisions in Hollywood and other types of crashes across the state. While drivers cannot impact how other motorists drive, they can make the roads a little safer by driving more safely themselves.

Summer car accidents

Is Your Car Ready for Summer Driving Risks?

2) Tune up your car.

A properly maintained vehicle will respond more predictably and may be more effective at maneuvering out of the way to prevent a collision.

3) Take care of the driving habits that could cost you your life.

If a driver has lots of fender-benders or near misses or has friends and family commenting on bad driving habits, that could be a clue that the driver needs to hone their driving skills. Taking care of bad habits or even taking driving refresher courses can save a motorist’s life by making them a better driver.

4) Create a drive sober plan.

Drinks are served at many summer events, so it’s important to come up with a plan to handle getting home safely – even if you intend not to drink. Designate a driver, stash extra cash in your car for taxis, or have an agreement with a friend to be each other’s safe ride home. Come up with a few strategies so that you will not be tempted to make a mistake that could lead to a drunk driving charge in Hollywood or your community.

5) Make sure you take steps to deal with some of the hazards of summer driving.

Keep cool in your car by having a water bottle and sunglasses on hand to deal with the heat and the glare of the sun. An air conditioner system in the vehicle can also help keep you comfortable and less distracted. Keep in mind, too, that summer can mean more children on city streets and more wildlife in rural areas. Use extra caution to help deal with these dangers.

Have you been injured in a summertime car crash because other drivers did not adjust their driving for summer? If you have been injured due to someone’s recklessness, contact Flaxman Law group for a free case assessment.