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A Quick Mental Check Before You Drive Could Save Your Life

Recent studies have shown that one of the most dangerous obstacles to overcome when driving doesn’t have to do with other drivers, poor road design in Hollywood or your community, or the many other things that we tend to associate with road safety problems. Instead, our minds – and specifically, daydreaming – contribute to a large number of car accidents. In fact, studies suggest that daydreams contribute to more collisions than cell phones.

If you want to stay safe on the roads and avoid traffic collisions in Hollywood or your community, you will want to do a quick mental check before you hop in the car. The simple precaution could save your life. A mental check means:

1) Checking for fatigue.

If you are fatigued to the point where your mind feels almost buzzed, you are not safe to drive. Fatigue affects a lot more than just your response times. It can also affect your ability to process information correctly and to make it hard for you to focus. It can also leave you more likely to daydream. If you are tired, take another method of transportation home. Fatigued driving in Hollywood and other communities already causes far too many collisions each year.


2) Checking for distraction.

Some days, it is simply difficult to focus. You may be prone to daydreaming on days when you’re distracted or you may simply have a hard time making decisions. Don’t make “one of those days” worse by getting behind the wheel and causing a serious traffic collision.

3) Checking for anger or emotional upset.

If you’re fuming, grieving, or so upset that you are having trouble focusing, you are a danger on the road. You shouldn’t be hopping in the car if you’ve just had a major argument, have been crying, or are furious. Let someone else take over the driving, whether it’s a friend or a taxi, to avoid a serious collision. Or, give yourself a chance to cool down so that you are safe to drive.

4) Checking your schedule.

Do you have 50 items on your to-do list today? Are you thinking about a big presentation at work? Is your routine out of joint because of a huge project? If you are overwhelmed with work, it is unlikely that you will be focusing completely on your drive, and this could put you and other motorists as well as pedestrians at risk. Learn to manage your time or delegate some of your tasks, and do not drive if you are feeling overwhelmed.

Most of us treat driving as an essential part of our work life. We can’t imagine getting around unless we can hop behind the wheel. However, it is important to keep in mind that driving is a privilege and we shouldn’t just get in the car unless we are sure that we can get to our destination safely. Doing a quick check before getting behind the wheel helps us establish whether we are truly in the right headspace for travel.

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