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According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 8000 car accidents across the country each year are caused by tire problems. If you live in Homestead, Hollywood, or any South Florida community, you don’t have to deal with snow tires or the effects on ice on your tires. However, tire safety can still help you avoid some collisions.


You may have seen debris from tire blowouts on Hollywood and South Florida roads. These types of incidents can happen if a tire rolls over a sharp object on the road but can also happen if a tire becomes worn down or overheats. Tire blowouts can also happen due to tire defects.

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Fatal car accidents reached a nine-year peak in 2016, prompting new worries about car safety. There are many ways to reduce the risk of serious car accidents in Hollywood or your community, and one of them involves ensuring your tires are safe.



Tires do a lot more than just keep the wheels on your car moving forward. They can also impact how quickly you can stop, how well your car maneuvers and how much you can control your vehicle. You don’t control how well manufacturers design your tires, but one simple thing you can control is tire pressure.

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Tires are what keep your car on the ground and moving forward and they are crucial when it comes to safety. Tire problems can make it hard to steer your car or can make you lose control of your vehicle.


Unfortunately, defective and poorly maintained tires cause many accidents and tire blowouts in Hollywood and other cities across Southern Florida. There are a number of things you will want to do to ensure you reduce your risk of a tire-related crash:

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Of course, you want 2015 to be the best and safest year for you and your family. For that reason, you owe it to yourself to take a good look at your driving habits. Driving is one of the most dangerous things you do every day and a motor vehicle crash in North Bay Village or your Florida community can devastate your life.


We all know about the importance of seat belts and the dangers of distracted driving, but consider these less-well-known safety tips that could help keep you and your family safer throughout the year:

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Tire problems cause truck and car crashes in Coral Springs and other communities, often leaving behind evidence in the form of torn pieces of rubber and other debris. For both passenger cars and big rigs, tires are an essential system. While many tire problems – such as blowouts – seem to happen out of the blue, safety experts agree that in many cases these accidents can be prevented.

Trucks place extra pressure on their tires due to their weight and as a result there are many rules in place to prevent tire-related crashes. Tractor trailers and big rigs are expected to take extra steps to keep their tires safe. Before sending trucks out onto the road, trucking companies and truck drivers are obligated to comply with a number of federal and local regulations, including:

  • Making sure that tires have a safe amount of tread on them
  • Driver inspection of tires before driving the truck
  • Recording visual inspections of the tires in the log book
  • Using the correct tires for the type of vehicle and the weight load
  • Properly installing, rotating, and adjusting the tires for maximum safety
  • Replacing tires that have low tread
  • Keeping tires correctly inflated

While passenger car drivers are not subject to the same rules, they are also expected to maintain their vehicles. If a passenger car motorist is found to be negligent in some manner, they can be held liable if their recklessness leads to an accident or an injury. In addition, the manufacturers of both truck and car tires are expected to produce a safe product. If they are reckless and their product is unsafe, manufacturers may be pursued in a products liability claim in Coral Springs or another community.


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