The Most Common Types of Car Accidents

Car crashes happen in every community in South Florida. The most common collisions include:


  • Rear-end crashes, where one car crashes into the back of another vehicle. Common causes for this type of accident include sudden braking, distracted driving, and following too closely.
  • Head-on accidents. These accidents can involve high speeds and they usually happen when a motorists crosses into an oncoming lane or drives the wrong way.
  • “T-bone” accidents, also known as side-impact crashes, these often occur at intersections. When one driver fails to yield or runs a red light, the can crash into the side of another car.
  • Rollover accidents involve a car that flips over onto its side or roof. SUVs, trucks, and vans have a higher risk of these accidents because of their design. However, these collisions can also be caused by sharp turns, uneven roads, and speeding.
  • Single-vehicle accidents can happen because of a mechanical malfunction or drinking and driving or speeding, where a driver crashes into a stationary object. Many drivers assume that since there is no second driver, there are no liable parties, but this is not always the case. You can still talk to a car accident attorney to find out whether you may have a claim.
  • Multi-vehicle accidents often occur on busy intersections or highways, and they involve more than one or two cars. These can be caused by bad weather or by cars following too closely and not being able to prevent a chain reaction accident.
  • Pedestrian accidents are often serious for the pedestrian or bicyclist, who doesn’t have the benefit of a car, airbags, or a seatbelt around them. These collisions can be caused by drivers failing to give right of way or making other errors. The bicyclist or pedestrian may also have failed to follow the rules of the road, leading to the crash.
  • Motorcycle accidents often involve drivers not seeing a motorcycle or failing to yield right of way.
  • Hit-and-run accidents occur when a motorist flees the scene after a crash. They are illegal. If the driver is found, the can face criminal charges and penalties. Even if the driver is never found, the survivor of the accident may be able to secure compensation for their injuries through their own insurance.
  • Drunk driving accidents involve drivers who illegally drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Since their response times and judgement are affected by the substances, they are more at risk of an accident.
  • Drowsy driving accidents happen when a driver falls asleep at the wheel or is so tired that they make mistakes that lead to a crash. Drowsy driving can be caused by a lack of sleep, some medical conditions, or by long drives.
  • Weather-related crashes can happen due to heavy rain, wind, storms, or fog. Weather can lead to poor visibility, slippery roads, and overall conditions that can lead to a collision. In these situations, drivers are expected to adjust their driving for the conditions. When they fail to do so, they can be held liable.
  • Construction zone accidents happen on or near road work and other job sites. Poor signage is often a contributing factor, but poor lighting or lack of proper barriers can also lead to crashes.

No matter what kind of collision you have been in, the resulting injuries can leave you unable to work and with rising medical bills. To find out whether you have a claim, call Flaxman Law Group or contact us online. In a free accident consultation, we can help you understand whether you have a claim.

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