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Manufacturers of driverless cars have long claimed that their vehicles reduce the risk of car accidents by eliminating the possibility of human error. Driverless cars use computer programs, sensors, and algorithms to automatically respond to traffic cues around them. The idea is that the car is able to interpret data about obstacles around the car and to respond appropriately to those issues to prevent crashes. Unlike human drivers, driverless cars are never affected by distraction, fatigue, inebriation, and the other human factors that cause car accidents in Hollywood and Florida.


Experts say that driverless cars are the future and could significantly reduce car crashes. However, legislation to make driverless cars common on our streets has been slow in development. Part of the issue holding up wide-spread adoption of the driverless car is the issue of liability. If these cars do get into crashes, who is liable? In traditional vehicle crashes, authorities look at the liability of both drivers involved. In a driverless car, this would not be an option.

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Towing your boat to the water can be a risk, especially if the hitch does not work correctly or if your boat swings all over the road. You don’t want your boat crash into someone else’s car or to flip on the side of the road.


There are many reasons why towing a boat in Fort Lauderdale or your community poses a car accident risk:

  • The boat creates new blind spots
  • The boat adds weight and changes how your car handles
  • The trailer may not work correctly so that the boat or trailer may come loose
  • You may have less control on turns and the trailer may swing wide

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Is your car helping you to avoid car collisions, or is it putting you at risk? Many of us simply hop in our cars and go, not stopping to think about the ways that our vehicles could be affecting our ability to drive safely. Nevertheless, product defects and mechanical failure in Hollywood in Florida cause many thousands of car injuries and car accidents in the region each day.


Consider these questions when evaluating the safety of your car:

1) What are the safety features of my car?

Start with the seat belts. Are they in good condition, or do they show signs of ripping or wear? Is your airbag one of the ones affected by recalls? Make sure that the systems designed to keep you safe are actually keeping you safe.

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According to U.S. Senator Bill Nelson, Florida residents have been among the hardest hit when it comes to car part recalls in recent years. For example, after news broke of the Takata airbags — which reportedly have a defect that causes them to explode in certain humid conditions — it was revealed that Florida had 18 of the total 69 deaths and injuries resulting from the products.


As a result, Senator Nelson would like to see changes made to make Florida residents safer. He has introduced a bill which would give employees incentives for reporting unsafe products.

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Getting a first car is a rite of passage for many teens. In many cases, a teen’s first car is either a used car purchased with savings or an older family car. For years, safety experts have been warning that older cars driven by teens may not have the newest safety technology and may not be in excellent mechanical repair, increasing the risk of collision for new drivers who may not have the best driving habits established yet. According to experts, older cars may not be as crash safe as newer vehicles, increasing the risk of injuries in the event of a car collision in Coral Gables or another community.


A new study suggests that those warnings may have been correct.

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If one of your resolutions for the New Year is to buy a new car, don’t just go for flash. Whether your budget is modest or extravagant, you want to choose a car you love but also a car that can get you and loved ones to your destinations safely. To do that and to help you prevent car accidents in Miami Lakes and other communities, ask yourself these questions when looking at any potential car:

1) Does this car have good safety ratings and a good reputation for safety?

Many organizations publish their lists of safe cars and lemons, especially at this time of year. While safety ratings alone are not the ultimate measure of preventing accidents, they can help. These lists are often based on crash tests, recalls, and safety features and many organizations publish useful information about specific models.


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If you are still shopping for the holidays and have drivers on your list, there are some great last-minute gift ideas that could help the motorists on your list stay safe for years to come:

1) Rear-view cameras.

Back-over accidents in Miami and other communities are especially tragic because they often involve children. These accidents take place because children can easily stay hidden in the blind spots of a car if they are playing directly behind a vehicle. Rear-view cameras allow a driver to see far more clearly behind the vehicle, which can help them avoid back-over accidents, parking lot accidents, and other collisions. Rear-view cameras sometimes come bundled with GPS systems as well.


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Are you renting a car this holiday season? Many people will be, whether they are renting a vehicle at the airport when visiting friends or renting a small van or truck to get trees or other holiday purchases home. If you are planning on renting a vehicle, however, you will want to keep some safety tips in mind to ensure that your rental is safe and takes you where you need to go.


When renting a vehicle, make sure you ask some questions, including:

1) How has this vehicle been maintained?

Unfortunately, some rental trucks and cars have poor safety records. Investigative reports have found mechanical problems with rental vehicles before and some customers have accused rental companies of renting unsafe vehicles. When taking a look at the vehicle with the rental company representative, ask questions about any potential problems and take photos of any signs of damage (this can protect you later on if you are accused of causing the damage). Ask for a new vehicle if you notice poor steering, unexplained noises, or other issues. If you will be traveling in the car for some time, consider taking it to a mechanic to make sure it is safe.

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As one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States, Miami and the rest of South Florida offer a range of services for visitors. One of those services involves renting vehicles so that tourists can explore the region. Unfortunately, while handy, these vehicles do not come without hazards:


  • Car rentals. Renting a car can help you explore more of Miami and South Florida, but unfortunately it can also be a recipe for a collision. Miami traffic can be quite heavy and visitors may be distracted by holiday plans and unfamiliar with the city, making crashes more likely. If you need to rent a car in Miami, consider getting familiar with the routes you need to take before getting in the car. Check out the car to make sure it is in good condition before getting in to drive.

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In a side impact crash in Hollywood or your community, you may be relying on guardrails to avoid going over an embankment and into a river or into a ditch. Your money goes towards paying for infrastructure such as guardrails in order to keep you and your community safe. However, serious concerns have been raised about some of guardrails installed in Florida and other parts of the country.

In fact, earlier this year a lawsuit was filed after a 2010 accident near Orlando caused a driver to lose part of his leg. According to the plaintiff, the accident caused the driver to crash into a guardrail. The guardrail allegedly sliced through the cabin and sliced into the leg of the driver, causing him to lose part of his leg. The guardrail in question was an ET-Plus guardrail made by Trinity Industries.

The ET-Plus guardrails as well as State Departments of Transportation have been the targets of other lawsuits after plaintiffs were injured in car crashes. According to some plaintiffs, the guardrails cause injury in a collision. According to Trinity Industries, however, the injuries are caused either by the drivers or by the incorrect installation of the guardrails.


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