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Many survivors of traffic collisions in Coral Springs and South Florida are shocked to find out how much their car accident costs. Whether a survivor has sustained head trauma, fractures, amputation, facial injuries, spinal cord trauma, or other injuries, there are often three main expenses which arise almost instantly:


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Being in a car crash in Homestead with one vehicle is intimidating, but being in a chain reaction crash or multi-vehicle collision can be even more confusing and dangerous. Chain reaction accidents can happen on highways, at intersections, and during traffic accidents.

Multi-vehicle crashes can lead to more serious injuries. There may be multiple points of impact. Some cars in the center may have passengers trapped inside. All of this can increase the risk of burn injuries, amputations, head injuries, and other serious injuries. Each time your car is impacted in a crash, you may sustain an injury.

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Unfortunately, many drivers do not consult with a car accident attorney in Homestead after being in a car crash. Whether you have been in a rear end shunt accident, sideswipe accident, a T-bone accident or another crash, not consulting with an attorney can be an expensive error.


Even if you have paid for quality insurance, most insurance companies want to resolve claims quickly and inexpensively. This means they may be rushing to offer you an amount before the full extent of your injuries and expenses is known. If you realize after the fact that you need more compensation to pay for medical bills, unexpected extra lost wages, or other costs, you may not be able to secure additional compensation.

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After a car collision in Hollywood or your community, it can be hard to know where to turn for help. With the COVID-19 pandemic, a car accident can seem even more upsetting. With things just starting to get back to normal, many resources still feel out of reach.


Nevertheless, there are places you can and should turn to if you have been in a front-end collision or any car crash in Hollywood or South Florida:

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While traffic is lighter during the COVID-19 crisis, due in part to reduced tourism and more people staying at home, car accidents are still a major concern. In fact, you have been in a car crash in Hollywood or anywhere in South Florida, you may face added challenges because:


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Whether you’re traveling for a professional conference, business meeting, or other event, you may decide to take your car, a rental, or a company car instead of flying. While most business trips are productive, they can also be a hazard.

Driving for work can put you at risk of car accidents, especially if you’re distracted by work matters, are in an unfamiliar city, or are trying to tackle projects and aren’t getting as much sleep as usual. You may not know what parts of the city heavy traffic or other dangers and your sleep schedule have may change as you take part in work events. You may be risk of distracted driving or fatigued driving accidents.

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If your children are headed back to school after the summer and you are recovering from a car accident, this time of year can pose additional challenges. Back to school means a time of transition, which can be a challenge if you’re already dealing with an injury. Your injury may also prevent you from helping your children as much as you generally would during this time of year.


Here’s how you can address some of these issues and how you can focus on recovery while also supporting your kids:

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Single-car accidents happen in Homestead and other Florida communities. These types of car crashes involve any situation where no other vehicle or pedestrian is involved. If you crash into a barrier, go into a ditch, or crash into any property without hitting anyone else, that is considered a single-vehicle accident.


In these collisions, there may not be another vehicle driving at full speed, but the impact can still be enough to cause serious or life-threatening injuries, especially if your own vehicle was going fast. If you crash into a solid barrier at a high speed or even go into a ditch, you could suffer from significant impact or a rollover.

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Head-on collisions in Hollywood, Homestead, and other Florida communities occur when a car or truck veers away from their own lane and heads towards oncoming traffic, crashing with a car headed in the opposite direction. These accidents can also sometimes be wrong-way collisions.


Head-on accidents are among the most dangerous, due in part to the force exerted. Two vehicles headed towards each other at top speed can cause catastrophic damage. Often, these traffic collisions occur because someone is tired, distracted, or driving under the influence and they turn the wrong way or drift into an oncoming lane. Poor street signage can also lead to these collisions. In some cases, these collisions can also result from bad passing techniques. If a driver is trying to pass on a two-lane road and fails to check oncoming traffic, they may crash into a car heading in the opposite direction.

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In 2018 so far, there have been 35 fatalities caused by children being left behind in cars. These tragedies can be prevented, and it is especially important that parents in Miami and across South Florida be aware of the problem, since temperatures can be so high in this part of the country.


There are many factors which can contribute to this tragedy. One is that children are small and are usually kept in the rear seat for their own safety. This can make them easy to overlook in the rear-view mirror and when you walk away from the car, especially if they fall asleep. In addition, children are more susceptible than adults to overheating, so even a short while in a hot car can be fatal.

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