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Limousines are usually hired to celebrate a big event such as a wedding or prom. This makes limousine accidents in Hollywood all the more devastating, as individuals celebrating a milestone in their lives are faced with a collision and the consequences.


You can reduce the risk of injuries and a limo crash by seeking a reputable limo company for your event. Be sure to ask the limo company about their drivers, training, and screening processes, and ask to see written proof of a driver’s experience and qualifications. In the limo, remain sober and use a seatbelt. Never sit up on the sunroof or lean outside the sunroof or windows.

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Nursing home residents may need to be transported by car to doctor’s appointments and other appointments. In some cases, nursing homes or hospitals arrange transportation for elderly residents of nursing homes to ensure they get the care they need. When nursing home residents are in a Hollywood traffic accident, however, they may be far more at risk when compared to the rest of the population.

Seniors who are in nursing homes may already have underlying medical conditions which make them vulnerable to complications after a serious injury. If a senior has a condition such as osteoporosis, they are also more likely suffer from fractures and injuries. If an elderly patient has dementia or other disorders, they may have a difficult time communicating with emergency responders or even doctors after a car accident, which can affect care.

In addition, seniors may face ageism and difficulty getting care, according to some research. A study published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine shows that one out of five seniors faces ageism when seeking health care, placing these patients at a higher risk of injury and complications.

Residents of nursing homes in Hollywood and Florida are meant to be safe. After all, families place elderly family members in order to keep them safe. These facilities are supposed to provide care from trained professionals and this care can extend to driving seniors to doctor’s appointments.


Unfortunately, car accidents remain a risk for elderly patients and even staff of nursing homes in Hollywood and Florida. Car accidents can impact staff and residents in a number of ways, and in most cases are preventable:

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Nursing home residents often reside in nursing homes because they cannot easily handle tasks such as grooming, cooking, and driving. Many facilities in Hollywood and Florida offer these services. For example, many nursing homes will have a shuttle or a way to transport residents to doctor’s appointments, specialists, and out for shopping.


Unfortunately, traffic accidents can happen if nursing homes are not careful when transporting residents. Accidents and collisions can occur due to:

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A car accident in Hollywood or South Florida is always terrifying, but it can be even more so if you’re expecting a baby and you are concerned about your child as well as your health. Unfortunately, car accidents can damage unborn children, can cause early labor, and can lead to other distress to both the mom and the baby.


If you are pregnant, there are several things you will want to do to stay safe as possible:

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Train crossings pose a special risk for cars. Each year, car and train accidents in South Florida and across the nation cause devastating injuries to passengers. Smaller vehicles simply have no chance against a large train, and in many cases trains cannot stop in time to avoid a disaster. This type of collision is highly likely to result in fatalities, so you will want to follow these tips to stay safe:

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Car accidents in Hollywood and across South Florida often result in serious injuries, such as head trauma and fractures. Fractures are quite common in accidents due to the force of impact. Bones of the foot can be especially vulnerable to breaks, especially if your foot gets trapped under the pedal or if you to drive a small car and are in a head-on crash during which the front of your car is smashed.


The crumple zone of your car is meant to protect you from head-on car accidents. The front of your car lessens the impact it before the metal and plastic vehicle gets your feet and legs. The force of the impact will have to tear through the entire hood. Unfortunately, in some smaller footprint cars, crumple zones are greatly reduced, increasing the risk of broken feet. In addition, some drivers place their feet underneath the pedals or in such a position that their feet can easily slip underneath the pedal in the event of a crash.

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Facial injuries are quite common in vehicle accidents in Hollywood and other communities. Whether you are thrown forward into the windshield or have debris thrown at your face, eye injuries are a devastating injury to sustain.


Car and truck accidents can threaten your vision and can leave you visually impaired for life. They can also cause cosmetic damage or significant damage to the appearance of the eye. Common injuries include:

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If you have children, car seats are essential. Age-appropriate safety seats can help protect your child in the event of a car accident in Homestead or your hometown. However, safety seats are useless unless they are used consistently and properly.

If you want to keep your smallest passengers safe, there are several things you will want to do to ensure your car seats offer maximum protection:

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Commutes during the morning rush hour can be hectic and can mean a risk of car accidents in Hollywood or your community. Mornings during the school year, especially, can be complicated and busy, which can lead to crashes and collisions.


This year, you can make the commute to and from school a little easier by planning ahead. This is the perfect time of year to reevaluate the school run and find new ways to keep your children safe:

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