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Pedestrian accidents are an umbrella term for any collision in which a pedestrian is struck by a larger vehicle – such as a truck or car. In reality, however, there are many types of pedestrian accidents, each with their own unique risks and legal issues:

1) Hit-and-run accidents.

Unfortunately, hit-and-run accidents in Hollywood and other Florida communities are all too common. Often, they are caused by panicking drivers who are on the road illegally or who do not have insurance. For pedestrians, these types of accidents can be deadly. A pedestrian may not get medical help in time if the driver leaves the scene of an accident. Without a driver, the pedestrian may also have a hard time securing compensation and insurance money for their injuries.

2) Intersection accidents.

Intersections in Hollywood and other cities are dangerous because pedestrians must share the road with many other types of vehicles, and many of those vehicles are turning or driving in different directions. All it takes is for one driver to be distracted or to miss a pedestrian in their blind spot, and an accident can occur. Intersection collisions also often involve speed, so that that brain injuries, amputation, fatalities, and other devastating losses are quite common in these types of high-speed crashes


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Now that kids are heading back to school, it’s time to think up strategies for keeping them safe from pedestrian accidents in Homestead or your community. While walking to school is a great way to encourage exercise and time outside, kids who want to walk to school oftem have to contend with morning and evening traffic. To prevent them from being injured, you will want to:

1) Encourage your child to walk home (and to school) with a friend.

If your child is too old to be walked to school by a parent, encourage them to walk to school with older kids or with friends. Children are easier to spot when they are in a group, so motorists may be more aware of groups of children rather than a lone child walking along. An older friend can also help teach a younger child about pedestrian safety.

2) Walk and plan the route together.

If your child is old enough to walk to school alone or with friends, walk the route with them in the morning and afternoon so that they can see how to get to school safely. Along the way, you may want to review basic pedestrian safety rules. A few “trial runs” also lets you see how well your child handles walking through intersections. If your child is not careful when with you, you may want to find another option for getting them to school safely.


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The last few weeks of summer often mean extra social events. There’s the final weekend of the summer, going-away parties for high school grads, closing-up-the-cottage barbecues; as the weather cools, people will take just about any excuse to host a get-together. All of the extra events can mean more opportunities for alcohol to be served, though, and that can mean more drunk driving collisions in Coral Gables and Florida. To avoid being involved in a drunk driving accident during these last few weeks before autumn, you will want to:

1) Make an agreement with a friend.

Positive social pressure can be a good way to prevent drinking and driving. Have friends looking out for you at a party or hand your car keys to the host to ensure that you have someone else helping you make a safe decision. The reality is that after drinking most people find not only their driving ability but also their decision-making ability impaired. Driving home after you have been drinking may not seem like a “big deal” to you if you are affected by alcohol, so having someone else looking out for your well-being can be invaluable.

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Labor Day weekend is coming up, and for many people that means end-of-year barbecues and parties. For police authorities in Hollywood and other Florida communities, however, it means extra vigilance. Unfortunately, DUI accidents in Hollywood and across Florida are quite common during the Labor Day weekend, and these preventable accidents claim far too many lives. To protect yourself and your loved ones this holiday, you will want to stake steps to prevent drunk driving. To do that, you will want to:

1) Have a plan, even if you don’t intend to drink.

Sometimes, people make bad decisions about drinking and driving because they don’t plan to drink. Even if you have every intention of not drinking, though, you may end up accepting a beer or may realize too late that the punch you have been drinking was actually a sangria with plenty of wine in it. Having a plan in place to get home safely if you have been drinking is important, no matter what your plans are.

2) Have at least two back-up plans.

Now is the time to decide how you will get home safely from any Labor Day activities, but it’s not enough to have just one plan. Plans change. Your designated driver may end up drinking after all, or you may not be able to find a taxi when you need one. Make sure that you have a few options to avoid drinking and driving, so that you are never tempted to get behind the wheel.


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If you have a new driver in your home this year, your teen may well want to drive to school when classes start next month. It can be intimidating to consider your child taking on the morning commute, but there are a few ways to keep your teen safe:

1) Make sure that your teen’s driving skills are up to the task.

If your child has gotten their driving license recently, they may not have developed the skills and experience needed to face driving to school each day. In that case, consider getting your teen some extra classes with a driving instructor or practice driving together. In-class practice is a good way to build skills and confidence, although you may also improve your child’s skills by signing them up for defensive driving classes or even racing school. Both will further hone driving ability and will make sure your teen works with a qualified instructor.

2) Take a look at your child’s car.

Is the car your teen will be driving to schools safe? All too often, teens buy their first used car with their savings, and in some cases these older cars may have maintenance issues or trouble with major systems (such as brakes or tires). A car that is in good repair may help your child avoid a motor vehicle collision in Homestead or your community, so take your child’s car to the mechanic for a full tune up.


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The stores are full of back-to-school gear right now, but getting ready for school is about a lot more than choosing the right backpack or this season’s jeans. Back to school means a new routine and new challenges. It can also mean a risk of injuries and traffic accidents in Homestead and your community. As kids head back to classes, it can mean more pedestrians in the mornings and a busy school run – both things can increase your risks of a collision. Here’s how to reduce your risk:

1) Create a walk-safe system for your kids.

Child injury in Homestead and other communities can easily happen if your children walk to school. Before sending your child out, walk the school route with your child a few times, taking note of any hazards along the way. If your child is young, consider having them walk to school with friends, since groups of children may be easier for motorists to spot.

2) Review pedestrian safety.

This is a good time to review pedestrian safety, especially since children walking to school are at risk of pedestrian accidents in Homestead and other communities. To go beyond the usual “look both ways” tips, check out the University of Florida Resource Center, a site with interactive learning activities related to pedestrian safety. Another good resource is Safe Kids Worldwide, a website with videos and other teaching tools.

school safety

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Child injury in Homestead and other communities is often linked to cars. Not only are car accidents one of the leading causes of injuries and fatalities for young children, but cars themselves pose a risk to children – even if the cars are not moving. Each summer, for example, there have been instances of children dying of heat stroke and hyperthermia after inadvertently being left alone in a hot car.

There are a number of safety devices that can be used to help combat the problem, according to experts:

  • Motion and heat sensors. These sensors can be installed in a car seat and sense movement or heat, alerting parents when their child is left behind in the car. There are now many brands and models of the devices.

car seat

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Recent studies have shown that one of the most dangerous obstacles to overcome when driving doesn’t have to do with other drivers, poor road design in Hollywood or your community, or the many other things that we tend to associate with road safety problems. Instead, our minds – and specifically, daydreaming – contribute to a large number of car accidents. In fact, studies suggest that daydreams contribute to more collisions than cell phones.

If you want to stay safe on the roads and avoid traffic collisions in Hollywood or your community, you will want to do a quick mental check before you hop in the car. The simple precaution could save your life. A mental check means:

1) Checking for fatigue.

If you are fatigued to the point where your mind feels almost buzzed, you are not safe to drive. Fatigue affects a lot more than just your response times. It can also affect your ability to process information correctly and to make it hard for you to focus. It can also leave you more likely to daydream. If you are tired, take another method of transportation home. Fatigued driving in Hollywood and other communities already causes far too many collisions each year.


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There are many reasons why summertime can mean a greater risk of motor vehicle accidents in Hollywood and Florida:

  • More traffic due to summer trips, tourists, and teens being out of school
  • Summer construction and road work projects can wreak havoc on the roads
  • Summertime can mean barbeques and other events where alcohol is served, meaning a possibly increased risk of drunk driving
  • The bright sun can contribute to glare (and limited visibility accidents) as well as hot temperatures that can be distracting for drivers

Luckily, there are a few things that motorists can do right now to stay safer:

1) Commit to safer driving.

Could staying safer on the roads be as simple as deciding to be safer? Many safety experts think so. The simple choices that drivers make – such as the choice to turn off their cell phones before driving or the choice to drive defensively – can go a long way towards preventing rear end collisions in Hollywood and other types of crashes across the state. While drivers cannot impact how other motorists drive, they can make the roads a little safer by driving more safely themselves.

Summer car accidents

Is Your Car Ready for Summer Driving Risks?

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A recent Florida law passed by Gov. Rick Scott will require parents to use a car seat for their children until the child reaches the age of five. Previously, parents were allowed to use seat belts for children once they turned four, even though safety experts have noted that children should be kept in age-appropriate safety seats until they outgrow them.

Does the new law do enough to prevent child injury in Miami and other Florida communities?

Safety experts and pediatricians praise the legislation, but many say that the law may not go far enough. One problem that safety experts note is that under the new law, children are exempt from the car seat rule if the driver is not an immediate family member. This means that if a caregiver or relative is driving the child, they may not need to use a safety restraint system intended for children, and experts agree that in order for safety seats to be effective they must be used each time a child is transported by car. A car collision in Miami or another community, after all, can happen at any time.

Another problem is that age five might still not be old enough to place a child in a seat belt. Seat belts are very effective in preventing head injuries in Miami and other communities in car crashes because they keep passengers in the car and prevent passengers from being ejected through the windshield. The problem is that seat belts at designed for adults. On a small child, the seat belt can dig into the child’s chest or beck, causing deep cuts or even internal injuries. A seat belt may also not fit a smaller child correctly, offering scant protection in a collision. Experts agree that children face more risks in a car collision when compared with adult passengers and should be kept in age-appropriate safety restraint systems until their age and weight exceed safety seat maximums.

Safety restraint systems

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