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Train crossings pose a special risk for cars. Each year, car and train accidents in South Florida and across the nation cause devastating injuries to passengers. Smaller vehicles simply have no chance against a large train, and in many cases trains cannot stop in time to avoid a disaster. This type of collision is highly likely to result in fatalities, so you will want to follow these tips to stay safe:

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New research published in the CMAJ examined 281,826 people hurt in car crashes and 26,831 individuals hurt in motorcycle crashes, concluding that motorcycle crashes resulted in three times the injuries when compared to incidents involving cars. Severe injuries were ten times more likely with motorcycle accidents than with car crashes. Motorcycle crashes also cost twice the average cost of car collisions.

Since motorcycle accidents are so dangerous, you will want to do all you can to prevent collisions:

  • Get rider training. One on one training with a professional instructor can help you learn how to go into a slide safely, how to avoid accidents and how to ride responsibly. Even a few budget friendly training sessions can go a long way towards making sure you have the tools and resources available to become the strongest motorcyclist possible.

Age-appropriate safety restraint systems are one of the best ways to prevent childhood injury to young passengers. If you are ever in a car collision in Hollywood or any Florida community, having your child in an appropriate safety seat can help them avoid more serious injury. It could even save their lives.


One of the best things you can do for your child when you drive them around is to buckle them into the right safety restraint system for their age. You should use weight and age guidelines, but in general you will want to use this guide to choose the right option:

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Motorcycles are a wonderful way to enjoy the freedom of the road, especially with the great whether southern Florida is known for. However, motorcycle accidents also tend to occur at a higher rate when compared with accidents involving other vehicles. The smaller footprint of a motorcycle can make it harder for other motorists to see and motorcyclists are more at risk from negligence and recklessness on the part of motorists. In addition, motorcycles don’t have the stability of four wheels and can more easily slide or tip, especially with high speed and on turns.


Nevertheless, there are ways to ride a motorcycle safely. You can improve your chances of safety by following these tips:

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At this time of year, many teenagers are thrilled at the prospect of driving. If your teenager is new to driving, especially, he or she may be excited to get behind the wheel. Before they do, there are several subjects you will want to talk about to ensure your teen has the lowest risk of car collisions in Hollywood or your community.


Choose  a relaxed time when you and your teen have plenty of time to talk. Approach the conversation as a mutual discussion. Your teen is more likely to listen if you ask questions and ask for their ideas about safe driving, too.

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Wrong way car collisions in Hollywood and other Florida communities are often serious crashes.  These collisions tend to cause head-on crashes and significant injuries as well as fatalities. In many cases, drinking and driving is involved. Often occurring after who in the morning and in the early morning hours, these traffic accidents are generally fully preventable.



Wrong way collisions can occur as a result of different situations:

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Intersection accidents in Hollywood and across South Florida are a serious concern and causes significant injuries as well as multiple fatalities each year. Intersections are high-risk areas because there are multiple vehicles and multiple types of road users – including pedestrians – using the same roadway and traveling in different directions.


As cars turn, pedestrians cross the street and various road users are all trying to get to their destinations, accidents can occur if road signs are unclear and if people don’t use common sense as well as caution.

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Rear-end collisions in Hollywood and other communities occur when a truck or car crashes into the car or truck in front of it. Rear-end accidents occur frequently and are in fact one of the most common incidents to occur at intersections.


Rear-end car accidents can cause serious injuries and even fatalities. They can cause soft tissue injuries such as whiplash as well as brain injuries, fractures, abrasions, lacerations and even fatalities. These types of collisions are often preventable and tend to be caused by distraction, sudden stops, tailgating, inattention and tire issues.

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Flooding in Hollywood, Homestead, and other Florida cities can happen with heavy rains, tornadoes, and other weather disasters. In most cases, you will hopefully be safe at home when disaster strikes and will be on high ground. But what happens if you are caught driving when you find yourself in a flood?


Flood waters can cause you to lose control of your car, which can result in car crash in Homestead or your community. Rising flood waters can cause serious damage in other ways, too. They can knock down power lines or cause electrical shorts that can put people in danger of electrocution. Water can also crash into you or your car with enough force to cause serious damage.

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Preventing car accidents in Homestead and other communities can be surprisingly simple. In fact, authorities tell us that the majority of car accidents reported on the roads are preventable. If you’d like to stay safer and enjoy safer commutes, follow these tips:


1) Put away distractions before getting behind the wheel.

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