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In Miami and across the state of Florida, trains are still used for commuting and for transporting heavy cargo. Train safety is paramount, especially for drivers. Each year, people are injured or killed because they get stuck on the train tracks or because they try to outdrive a train.


In fact, between January 2018 and September 2019, 90 people were killed on railways in Florida. If you drive in the South Florida area, make sure you review these safety tips and review them with any teen drivers you know:

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In Hollywood and across Southern Florida, golf carts are becoming an increasingly common form of transportation, even off the greens. In many neighborhoods, gated communities, and retirement communities, residents are using these vehicles to get around and the number of golf carts in the region is rising.


At the same time as the number of golf carts is rising in places such as Hollywood, Homestead, Hialeah, Coral Gables, and other communities in Florida, the golf carts themselves are changing. Newer versions on the market have more features and may be able to go faster, sometimes over 25 miles per hour. Known as “super golfcarts,’ these golf carts, in particular, have been linked to a number of injuries.

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Car crashes in Homestead and Florida can be caused by many factors. T-bone accidents can be caused by someone running a red light and distraction can lead to rear-end shunt collisions. Other, less frequent, causes of car crashes are medical issues.


Medical issues can include a sudden heart attack, stroke, allergic reaction, or other medical emergency which can cause a driver to lose control of their car or even lose consciousness. As the car loses control, it can crash into other vehicles, causing a chain reaction collision.

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Across South Florida and in Hollywood, car accidents can occur for many reasons. They can occur due to drunk driving, distracted driving, inexperience, mechanical problems, and other issues. In many cases, collisions are preventable. Authorities say one of the current causes of car accidents involves selfies.


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RVs are a fun way to drive from Hollywood to other destinations in South Florida or across the country. Many South Florida residents love trailers and RVs because they combine a mode of transport and accommodation, making travel more affordable and convenient.

However, RVs also pose dangers. These larger vehicles are difficult to handle in many cases and come with many more blind spots than passenger cars. They are bulkier to maneuver and may stop differently when compared with cars. In addition, many drivers do not get training on driving these larger vehicles.

File:Custom Camper Van New Zealand.jpg

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Driving in Hollywood in the summer is beautiful because you can see of the shoreline and the beautiful architecture and green spaces of this part of the country. However, driving anywhere in South Florida in the summer comes with certain additional risks.


Whether you are visiting or you are a resident and driving in Hollywood, make sure that you look out for these hazards which can lead to a serious Hollywood car accident:

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Short-term rentals have become more popular in places such as Hollywood, Miami, and other parts of Southern Florida. Short-term rentals are one way for homeowners to make money, but having guests in a home can also lead to injuries. In addition, some homeowners associations and neighbors are unhappy about residences being turned into part-time (or, in some cases, full-time) hotels.


One of the risks with short-term rentals has to do with the potential of car accidents. There are many reasons why short-term rentals can increase the risk of car collisions in some Hollywood and South Florida communities:

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Tourists are quite common in Hollywood, Miami, and other parts of southern Florida. At this time of year, events and the summer season mean that tourists are arriving across the region. While tourists do bring a great boost to the economy, they may not be familiar with local streets or even local laws and driving conditions, which can put them at risk of pedestrian car accidents in Hollywood and other local communities.


If you live in the area, you will want to take steps now to help prevent car accidents involving tourists:

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In Homestead and other communities, intersection accidents cause severe injuries each year. Unfortunately, intersections are a higher-risk area because cars are approaching from different directions and making turns. In addition, many road users, including pedestrians, converge in this area and in some cases visibility can be obscured by buildings, making collisions a real problem.


To stay safe and prevent intersections, there are several things motorists can do:

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